3 thoughts on “Banking tasks simplified: From ‘RE’ to ‘NRE’ and everything in between

  1. Hi Nerissa,

    A great help by writing this piece out. Just one question: what happened to your HDFC credit card? Did they cancel it? Coz, I heard they do when you convert to only NRE account. I also enjoy high value privileges and hence was wondering my next steps.

    Thanks again for penning this down.


    1. Hello Minesh! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. As per standard protocol by all major banks, credit cards are not canceled; it’s just the debit cards that need to be re-issued since your resident savings account is converted to NRO. You are right about HDFC cancelling credit cards once the account is converted to NRE. Interestingly, this is only an issue with HDFC and not the other banks. My credit card with Axis is still very much active. Hope this helps!


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