Korean Singer, Baekhyun, flexed his vocal cords in new song ‘UN Village’, sending this fangirl over the moon!

Byun Baekhyun, a popular Korean singer and vocalist from the k-pop group, EXO, released his first solo EP — City Lights, on July 10, 2019. While I am a fan of EXO’s music, for me, personally, this album release was very special since Baekhyun was the reason I got into k-pop and k-music, and even led me to eventually discovering the worldwide k-pop sensation, BTS

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I was very anxious and nervous to see and hear what Baekhyun’s very first solo album would be like. And let me tell you, he did not disappoint! The vocals throughout the album are mind-blowing and the title track, UN Village, is simply extraordinary! The song has a very nice R&B vibe to it and if you are a fan of vocals (like me), you’ll love this one. 

‘UN Village’ MV (turn on subtitles for English lyrics)

With lyrics that talk about moon-gazing and pretty landscapes, the overall feel of the song is undoubtedly very romantic. The song title ‘UN Village’, however, may seem very confusing to international fans. 

In my quest to find the meaning of UN Village, I stumbled upon the website, Mansion Global, that had a very concise description: a place “within Hannam—named for its location next to the Han River and Nam Mountain—is one of the country’s wealthiest and most exclusive neighbourhoods: UN Village, a gated compound of luxury villas and large homes on steep hillsides boasting breathtaking views of the river and the mountains.” The article has a very nice description and some related trivia about UN Village so give it a read if it piques your interest.

I am not sure if knowing this little piece of information would motivate you enough to check out the translated lyrics, but it sure did for me! I was trying to avoid writing about this—but the overall theme of the lyrics did make me wonder if the song was actually an ode to idol dating culture in Korea. If you look at the lyrics with that lens, suddenly everything seems to make sense; k-pop followers will most likely draw an instant connection. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, and maybe the song is just what it sounds—with no strings attached… who knows! Comment and let me know your thoughts and theories.

Backstory and context aside, I can’t stop raving about Baekhyun’s vocals. Oh, and btw, we’ll need a whole another post to discuss how cute and funny he is! 🙂 

If this is the first time you’re reading about this phenomenal singer, I recommend two three other songs for you to take a listen: 

This is from a performance way back in 2013. Baekhyun performing a classic Korean heartbreak song – “I Really Didn’t Know” with fellow EXO member and ballad king, Chen
A 2015 hit single “Dream” by Baekhyun and Suzy
This is the song that got me into k-pop; the point where it all began! Here’s EXO-CBX performing “For You” (k-drama, Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST)

I’ll stop my fangirling business for now and let you melt in Baekhyun’s vocals. Ta-ra-ra-ta-ra.. ta-ra-ra-ta-ra… ta-ra-ra-ta-ra-ta-raa… ta-ra-ra-ta-raa…

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