Life, Career, and the Canadian Mountains: A podcast with Immigrants of Toronto

Recently, I had a chance to feature on a podcast called Immigrants of Toronto and talk about my experience of moving to Canada, finding a job, and settling in. So excited to finally share it with everyone!

About Immigrants of Toronto:

Immigrants of Toronto is a podcast hosted by Oscar Cecena. An immigrant himself, Oscar moved to Canada from Mexico in 2014. Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York and the desire to help immigrants, Oscar started the podcast as a way to share stories of immigration, primarily focused on Toronto — due to the diversity and culture that the city has to offer. Immigrants of Toronto aims to host 100 stories by 2021!

You can subscribe and listen to Immigrants of Toronto on the following platforms:
Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | TuneIn | Android | Stitcher

I have previously blogged about my first-landing experience, how I found a job in Canada, and done an entire series of blogs on Immigrating to Canada with topics ranging from the immigration process, job market, cost of living, and weather conditions in Canada. Many of you have been following my content for a while and have complimented my story-telling and writing skills. This podcast is my first attempt at adding voice to words and describing my experience and emotions candidly, on a public forum, so please bear with my imperfect speech and some random ramblings. 🙂

Why should you listen to me speak about my journey?

I’ll categorize my answer based on the types of audience:

Those who intend to immigrate (or have immigrated to Canada) and don’t know my story
I would presume this is because either you don’t like reading or haven’t stumbled on my blogs yet! 😀 If that’s true, the podcast is an excellent way to get started — hear all about it and then, maybe, read the blogs.

Those who already know my story
The podcast has some interesting tidbits that I haven’t blogged about or told anyone before! Listen to it for the tidbits that give you insight into my mind and personality 🙂

Those who don’t intend to immigrate but are a well-wisher, friend, family member
This is a very light-hearted, interesting, and fun podcast that I think you will enjoy regardless of your intention to move or your relation to me; listen to it purely from an entertainment perspective — it’s only 20-minutes long anyway! 😀

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my subscribers and readers for the continued support. Here’s hoping that you enjoy listening to the episode! Check the links above to listen to it on your favourite podcast platform or play it on Spotify here:

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Until next time,

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