A Beautiful Fantasy

I wish I could hold that “special” hand
Lay down in the moonlight, looking at the stars on the warm beach sand
Followed by an endless quiet stare into that “special someone’s” eyes
A glimpse into his soul, trying to put away my cries!

Unspoken silence and an unexpressed feeling
Every moment without him leaves my heart aching
Too many questions to be answered by a busy mind
Time flies by; I helplessly hope the time he’d find!

For time is short and chores too many
It’s all for the future… every dime, every penny
My every unrealized dream, each deepest desire
Expects a lot more than just passion and fire!

I’m positive that it would be all good in the end
‘Coz we’re two halves of a whole, when one is hurt.. the other will mend
I wonder what realities my destiny holds
‘Guess I’ll have to just wait and watch as the future unfolds!

Seasons will come and seasons will go
Summer, winter, spring, autumn, rain, and snow
But our love for one another will never cease to show
It feels good to think of life as a wonderful present …complete with a ribbon and bow!

If only goodbyes were not so difficult to face
As we drift apart, my heartbeats begin to race
One day my prince will come on a white horse riding
Tracing my footsteps across borders, oceans, forests …with his smile ever charming!

And I shall fall in love yet once again
In a different time zone; the same emotions for the same person, minus the pain
Nothing will change as much, only the feelings will now be mutual
He’ll open his heart unto me, more than he ever did while our conversations were virtual!

And one fine day at the break of dawn, there will be an end to all my misery
We’ll settle down in a far-off land amongst snow-capped mountains and breathtakingly beautiful greenery
Birds chirping, laughter echoing and church bells ringing,
A life without troubles, a heavenly blissful life …I keep dreaming!