I stare out the window, point-blank, at the night sky,
What a perfect night! Stars twinkling, not a cloud in sight.
Memories of my dear ones flood my mind and make me cry.
It seems so inconceivable; they’re no more,
They’re not returning after the night.

What lies beyond the sky, beyond its endless horizon and galaxies, I wonder!
Where do our dear ones go; after they’re “no more”?
Of Heaven, of hell, of God himself, I ponder…
Their departure leaves an empty space in our heart, right in the core.

Oh spirit of my dear one, take my hand…
Let’s reminisce my childhood days; sail paper boats, throw pebbles in the lake.
Your fingers, full of magic, were no less than any magic wand;
We’ll visit the sea-shore and castles in the sand we shall make!

Why did you leave us here all alone?
Your deep blue eyes showed us hope in the darkest of times; why did you go?
Wish you were here in flesh and bone
The memories still linger; Oh! I miss you so…

You’re gone; may your blessings be upon us forever more like a magical cover;
And provide us with emotional strength; teach us to be brave.
You’ve left back so many happy memories that we keep thinking over and over;
In good times and bad, thy presence we crave.

Come back, come back, come back once more…
So many things you have to see, so much to hear,
Those few years were not enough; crying, my eyes are now sore
Will you sing me a lullaby and watch over me, as into a peaceful sleep I steer!

Dedicated to my dearest Grand-paa.
“You will always be remembered and missed dearly”.
May your soul rest in peace and let the perpetual light always shine upon thee.

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