The Cute Guy, Superman and Me!

I was returning back home to Bombay after a business trip to Hyderabad. Window seats on night flights fascinate me. Hence, I’d asked for one on this particular flight as well.

Once on the flight, I settled down in my seat and got back to the story I was reading in the book Breathless in Bombay. It was then, a few minutes later that I saw him. He was, in my opinion, the cutest guy on that flight. I looked up at him and blushed as he was trying to locate his seat. And that was precisely the moment when he noticed me looking at him and he smiled back at me. I could hear background music playing… Halleluia..! (in chorus) …O Boy! Did I feel like a thousand flowers had blossomed in springtime-o-what! I wanted to sing and dance (typical Bollywood style… I even had a song playing in my head – Keh do na, keh do na, you are my soniya). But given the circumstances, I had to keep an airtight control over my emotions. As it turned out The Cute Guy had his seat next to mine. So far all good… But… wait… he wasn’t traveling alone. There was an old man with him by the name Mr. Subramaniam or “Superman” – as his boarding pass suggested. Call it mistake of the ground staff personnel or his sense of humor!

Was that his father, I wondered. Apparently, ‘Superman’ had the seat next to mine and the cute guy had the aisle seat. But I guess, that day, God was being exceptionally kind to me! The Cute Guy swapped seats with ‘Superman’ and ended up sitting right next to me. Yay! Okay… so now what do I do?! I was going nuts thinking about an ice-breaker. I pretended to be reading the book as he provided full-on entertainment on the flight cracking jokes on anything and everything from the flight infrastructure to Indian politics. The Cute Guy had an amazing comic timing and was having an absolutely hilarious conversation with ‘Superman’. I shared a laugh or two with them and that eventually served as an ice-breaker. That was all I’d managed halfway on the flight. Sad, I know!

After a while, I guess he was bored. He peeped into the book, that I was reading and then smiled at me. I got way too conscious and shut the book. That was when he read the cover page – Breathless in Bombay and asked me… “You originally from Bombay?” and I could say nothing… so just smiled and nodded. He must have probably assumed I was not interested in chit-chatting with a stranger. So he just shut up and fell asleep. Another hour passed by. An announcement was made. The landing had been delayed by 45 mins. I sighed and looked out the window. With a cute guy asleep beside me, combined with very little scope for what I could possibly do and 45 mins to kill, I watched the view from the window. It was spectacular! I smiled. The plane was circling around Marine Drive. And having a bird’s eye view of Bombay at night felt awesome! The lights in the aircraft had been dimmed. That was precisely when The Cute Guy woke up from his little nap and looked at me. I was too dazzled by the scene outside to notice he was indeed staring at me and he not only was staring, but by this time, had extended his hand over my seat and was partially leaning over me to look outside. I think my heart did skip a beat that one moment! What followed was a period of brief silence between us with both of us gazing at the mind-blowing view. I couldn’t help it; so I looked at him straight in the eye and somehow managed to say, “Truly beautiful, isn’t it?!” He paused for a moment, looked right into my eyes (it felt as if he was gazing into my soul) and replied, “Most certainly is!” I blushed and looked away.The Cute Guy pulled back into his seat.

A few minutes later we had a brief conversation about where we lived, after which he introduced me to ‘Superman’ and told me the joke about his name on the boarding pass yet once again. We laughed. It was time for landing. The Cute Guy actually carried my backpack for me from the aircraft to the airport and even asked me if I would like to travel home with them (‘Superman’ did not want me to travel home alone so late at night). I found it incredibly sweet! I told them not to worry and that I would be taking a cab home. With final goodbyes, we walked our separate paths out the airport.

The End.

Something missing??? I’ll tell you what it is… (incase you haven’t yet figured it out)! I forgot to get his name and number!!! 😛 Call it the height of being mesmerized by someone or the height of nervous-“ness”! How can one have an entire conversation with someone sitting right next to them for over 2 hrs on a flight, laugh, crack jokes, have some really beautiful moments… and not know the other person’s name??! 😛

I considered options like asking the airlines for the name of the passenger sitting next to me under the pretext that some of their luggage had accidentally been left out with me. Like that was ever gonna be possible!

If I had only asked him his name, I would have added him on Facebook and today… you never know… It would have culminated into something much more interesting. 🙂 For all that it remains now… is a beautiful memory and thoughts about what could have possibly been! {sigh} At this point I can’t even recollect exactly what he looks like. All I know of him is that he was cute, really cute! Perhaps if it’s destined, we shall meet again. And even if I don’t recognize him, I’m certain he sure will! (After my recent hair-do, the chances are remote, but hope is what we all live on)! 😛

The Actual End. (Or maybe not?)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 🙂

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