Wandering into an abyss
So empty and dark,
Shadows go invisible
Every step leaves a mark
In the heart,
On the mind,
Making the vision
A little blind.
Words unspoken
Or those spoken…
Haven’t ever been
So loud and clear;
And into a million tiny,
Tiny decibels, broken.
Syllables, each one
Equally brutal
Shattered, like a piece
Of a broken mirror glass
Piercing the soul;
Wounding it,
Breaking what was
Once whole.
Like glistening raindrops
On a lifeless rock
The sanctity of tears
And pleas for forgiveness
Fall on deaf ears.
Moments of countless fears
Now all realized
Exactly the way
I’d imagined it to be, not.
Turn back time
Give me –
What was lost
What was once dear
One chance
To set it all right
And hand over a token
A promise
Of love, loyalty, trust, and friendship…
The way t’was before
It’d broken!

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