Reflections & Shadows

It’s been a while…
I’ve spoken
From the heart
Made life worthwhile;
As life moves on
And time flies by
Present becomes the past
And disappears like a firefly.
I look back
Reflect on shadows of the past,
On my heart
An eclipse they cast.
I run, at times, I fall
I hide and hope
Time changes it all
This ain’t me!
I know not
Who I’ve become;
A never-ending quest
To find myself again
To overcome!
It’s been a while…
I’ve had a peaceful sleep
Like I did erstwhile;
Haunting stings of dreams
Waking up in tears and screams
Drowning with guilt
The silent vicious killer
Like fangs of a python
That obliterate
With slow poison
My mind
The larger picture beckons
Makes me wonder
What seems to be
An option better –
The gift
To alter history
Or model the path
For a future flowery?!
It’s been a while…
I’ve gazed at the stars
And wondered meanwhile;
Whether they possess
The power
To carve and design
My future
With their chime
To tell my story before time
Talk to me
Oh! Heavenly bodies…
Locks of worries
I seek the keys!
How much more
Do I have to endure?
New horizons to reach
What’s the tenure?
Calmness of the silent walk
On the moonlit road
Thoughts scatter
Shadows follow
Emotions implode
It’s been a while…
I’ve portrayed
A real smile
Echoes of laughter
And brainless chatter
Soothing the heart
And making me happier
Compelling me
To forget my worries
Dissolve my woes
Blissful time
Spent with dear friends
I crave for those
Read my mind…
Oh Universe
Oh Almighty
Grant me all my wishes!
I pray.
It’s been a while…
I’ve walked that mile
Let it be soon enough now
For me to reconcile
It’s been a while…
It’s been a while… 

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